Dialup Monitor

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Dialup Monitor
Dialup Monitor-Logo
Dialup Monitor-Logo
Entwickler: Olaf Westrik
Version: 0.1.0  (01. Mai 2007)
Größe: 11,2 KB (tar.gz)
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Lizenz: 2007
by Olaf Westrik
Sonstiges: Preis: kostenlos
Sprache: englisch
Website: www.ban-solms.de/

Was ist Dialup Monitor

Dialup Monitor is a very (very) simple addon that only displays the number of connect attempts, connects, disconnects and connection time. The output is summarized under Log Summary. This also means that you will only be able to see yesterday's (or older) information.


<= 1.0.0
Version Datum
0.0.1 03. Februar 2007
0.1.0 01. Mai 2007